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The simple life

How do you like our old men sex videos so far? Are you ready for the next old and young porn scene? This hottie inherited an old farm and she is trying to sell it, but the place is a wrack and she has to fix it up so she can get a good price. She hires a man to fix the roof, the barn and the garden, but there is a lot of work to do and she has to move there until everything will get fixed.

In the morning this older man she hired arrives early to stat the work, and she is walking around watching him working. She starts feeling attracted to him, even if he is old he is still good looking she thinks. She brings him a coffee telling him that it’s ok if he takes a break. While they sit there having their coffee, she spills her coffee by accident on his legs, then she starts cleaning him when finally moves her hands inside his pants and starts stroking his cock.

He gets the idea and stats undressing, then helps her to take her clothes off and starts kissing her sexy boobs. They are both horny as hell and he slides his cock in her tight pussy and fucks her doggy style until she explodes in a loud orgasm and he shoots a nice load all over her ass!


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