The Best Sex Positions For Female Orgasm!

Ever wondered why some men are always booking Greek escorts? Well, most men go for these companions due to their prowess in bed. They know what to do and how best to do it to ensure that they and their partners achieve orgasm. People always talk about having great sex, better orgasm, and even better relationships. But, what sex positions are great for female orgasm?

Generally, every woman is unique. Therefore, there are different sex positions that make each woman achieve orgasm better and faster. Here are the 5 sex positions that tend to make all women achieve orgasm more frequently.

  1. Girl on Top

This sex position entails having a man lie down on his back while the girl goes on top. The experience is better when the woman focuses on rocking her body back and forth instead of bobbing up and down. To achieve orgasm faster, try to grind the pelvis in a slow circular motion or making a figure-eight motion. This is a great sex position for women that achieve orgasm faster when in complete control over angle, pace, depth and level of penetration and stimulation.

  • Coital Alignment

This sex position starts off in a missionary position. The woman lies on her back with the man on top between her legs. The male pulls his body up and towards her head. The pelvis is usually slightly higher up the body of the female than it is with traditional missionary. Rather than thrust in and out, the male focuses on grinding against the female’s pelvis.

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